What Our Clients are Saying

Rebecca Hillyard - Vice President & Trust Officer
Tower Private Advisors
Tower Bank

Gary, thank you for the wonderful service you provided. I was very impressed with the whole process. The estate sold for well above the initial appraisal. I will be consulting Schrader for future auction needs.

Max & Chearyl Miller

Dear Gary, Thanks so much for the work you did in getting all the information out for our auction. The colored brochure was fantastic, we had so many compliments on it. We both appreciated your ideas, honesty and experience while listing our auction items. We had different people say the auction was so well set up and Schrader’s really did a super job.

Will & Sue Schieler

Gary, You very masterly crafted and handled the sale of our father’s 530 acre, 15 parcel tract of farm real estate. From the very beginning you advised us of local zoning regulations and guided us in areas we would not have been able to navigate without professional assistance. In short, your counsel was invaluable. During some high tension, emotional charged and fast-paced offers, you held your cool and guided all to a great conclusion. This resulted in a satisfied seller and a happy purchaser, neighbor and friend. In my over 30 years of agriculture lending, I often recommended the services of Schrader’s knowing of your skill and professionalism, but now, Sue and I witnessed first hand the tremendous benefit of your organization and your complete and unmovable integrity.

Scott Tucker, Co-President, Maple Leaf Farms

Gary, Maple Leaf was very pleased with the way you handled the preparation for the auction including final determination of tracts and development of promotional materials. You were able to create a buzz in the Wisconsin community and as a result, auction day turn out was tremendous. From start to finish we are very pleased we selected Gary Bailey and Schrader to work with us on this successful auction project.

Robert F. Rowe, DVM

Dear Gary, First of all I would like to thank you both for the highly professional, yet, personal manner you have exhibited in our relationship of the sale of our family farm in southeastern Wisconsin, Racine County.  From the get-go you were both very informative and pleasant in your presentations.  Your initial proposal was eye popping and had a great deal to do with our doing business with your company, Schrader Auction Company.   Your proposal was by no means the cheapest we received, but as the process continued, we felt that the service matched the value we received.  Your attention to detail made our job a lot simpler.

  Again, thank you for your excellent job in the sale of our farm.


Joe Kessie, Senior Vice President - Lake City Bank

As an ag lender for the past 28 years, I have had many occasions to witness the professionalism, outstanding efforts and great results you and your team achieve.  Potential sellers of farm real estate are unaware of how much preparation and work go into making sure that the property they want to sell brings the highest possible price and should be assured that this work is being done and that it has been done in the best possible way.

When a seller signs up to sell is farm through Gary Bailey, the farm will be marketed not only locally but will also be exposed nationally to Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company’s extensive list of potential purchasers. Thus, the farm owner should be confident that the maximum selling price was obtained for their farm.    

- Diplomat Family Limited Partnership

Gary worked hard to determine the most advantageous way to auction the land – and it worked!

- Heidi Schaefer, Phoenix, Arizona

Our family chose Schrader to sell the farm because the marketing was clearly superb – best I’d seen. Gary were very professional & courteous. Their approach and marketing were the most positive features, complementing their proven track record of success.